Weather you’re in the mood for Chinese, Japanese and Sushi or Tempanyaki/Hibachi cuisine, Ta Ta Bistro (1450 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway, Suite G-205) has a flavor for you.

Previous owners of Sushi Bay Restaurant, Randy and Maggie now bring their expertise to Ta Ta Bistro, continuing a tradition of serving delicious food in an elegant, yet casual setting. The extensive menu of appetizers, entrees and luncheons selections offers regional specialties from popular cuisines including Mandarin, Cantonese and many others. From Hawaiian style Poki to Honey Glazed Walnut Prawns, Ta Ta Bistro has something for everyone.

Open Monday-Thursday. 11am-10pm, Friday and Saturday, 11:30am-10:30pn and Sunday, 11:30am-10pm. Call 565-8900 to reserve your Tempanyaki grill table, or to inquire about luncheon specials, specialty trays or take-out and delivery.

Begins March 1, 2013 SPECIALS!

50% off on Regular Rolls

and Habachi Entree


Nigiri sushi (1 piece/order)

N1. Crab meat (kani) $1.75   N16. Salmon (sake) $2.00
N2. Crab stick $1.75   N17. Tuna (maguro) $2.00
N3. Mackerel (saba) $1.75   N18. Garlic tuna $2.00
N4. Scallop $1.75   N19. Cajun albacore $2.50
N5. Shrimp(ebi) $1.75   N20. Octopus (tako)  $2.25
N6. Smelt egg(masago) $1.75   N21. Seared tuna          $2.25
N7. Snapper(izumidai) $1.75   N22. Smoked salmon  $2.25
N8. Soybean curd(inari) $1.75   N23. Fluke (hirame)  $2.25
N9. Spicy crab $1.75   N24. Salmon roe (ikura) $2.25
N10. Spicy scallop $1.75   N25. Yellowtail (hamachi) $2.25
N11. Spicy tuna $1.75   N26. Fatty albacore    $2.50
N12. Squid (ika) $1.75   N27. Sweet shrimp (amaebi)      $3.00
N13. Sweet egg (tamago) $1.75   N28. Sea urchin (uni)        $3.00
N14. Albacore(white tuna) $2.00   N29. Super white tuna    $2.25
N15. Fresh water eel(unagi) $2.00   N30. Flying fish egg (tobiko) $2.50
Vegetable Rolls (Hand Roll or Cut Roll)
(6-8 pieces/order)
G1. Avocado $4.00   G4. Oshinko (seaweed outside) $3.00
G2. Avocado & Cucumber $4.00   G5. Vegetable $4.50
G3. Cucumber (seaweed outside) $3.00   G6. Vegetable Tempura $5.00
Regular Roll (Cut Roll or Hand Roll)
(4-8 Pieces / Order for cut Roll)
R1. Alaskan
salmon, avocado
$6.00   R16.Spider
Soft shell crab tempura, avocado, cucumber
R2. California
Crab meat, avocado, cucumber
$5.50   R17. Spicy spider
Spicy crab, spider roll
R3. California crunch $6.50   R18. Spicy crab (Mexican)
Spicy crab,cucumber
R4. Cajun
Cajun albacore, cucumber, garlic sauce
$7.00   R19.Spicy crab crunch $6.50
R5. Eel(candy)
Fresh water eel,avocado
$6.50   R20. Spicy salmon
Salmon, cucumber, spicy yum sauce
R6. Eel crunch $7.50   R21. Spicy scallop
Spicy scallop, cucumber
R7. Garlic albacore
Albacore, cucumber, garlic sauce
$6.50   R22. Spicy tuna
Spicy tuna cucumber
R8. Lobster
Lobster, cucumber, soy bean paper
$8.50   R23. Spicy tuna crunch $7.00
R10. Nevada
Crab stick,shrimp,avocado,cucumber
$6.50   R24. Spicy yellowtail
Spicy yellowtail, cucumber
R11. Philadelphia
Salmon,avocado,cream cheese
$6.50   R25. Tuna $4.50
R12. Philadelphia crunch $7.50   R26. Yellowtail $5.00
R13. Salmon skin
Salmon skin, cucumber, eel sauce
$5.50   R27. Yum yum salmon
Salmon, cucumber, yum sauce
R14.Salmon tempura
Salmon tempura, avocado
$6.00   R28. Yum yum scallop
Scallop, cucumber, yum sauce
R15.Shrimp tempura
Shrimp tempura, avocado
$6.00   R29. yum yum scallop crunch $6.50
      R30. yum yum tuna
Tuna, cucumber, yum sauce
habachi table cooking menu
(all order comes with miso soup, house salad,vegetable,steam rice)
1. steak+chicken $19.95   9. fillet mignon and lobster $34.95
2. steak+shrimp $20.95   10. chicken(white meat) $15.95
3. steak+scallop $22.95   11. new york steak $20.95
4. shrimp+chicken $20.95   12. fillet mignon $24.95
5. scallop+chicken $21.95   13. shrimp $20.95
6. fillet mignon+shrimp $23.95   14. scallop $21.95
7. fillet mignon+scallop $24.95   15. lobster $30.95
8. seafood combination (shrimp and scalp and lobster) $31.95   16. vegetable $13.95
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